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Vegan ice cream

An ice cream for vegans & non-vegans alike

We aim to make delicious ice cream. Top quality, creamy, indulgent ice cream starring a deep intense chocolate flavour that we only remember from days long gone. We don't compromise in taste. The result is ice cream that chefs, shopkeepers, consumers and friends recognize as the best there is. Although we developed it to be a tasty vegan alternative for dairy ice cream, we now believe it is beyond that. It's just amazingly good ice cream, so whatever your diet or lifestyle: be our guest and enjoy it!

Environmental impact

Non-dairy ice cream for a healthier planet

At Montgomery’s we use only plant-based ingredients, so no eggs, milk or cream. By using cashew milk as the base of our ice cream, our production has less impact on the environment. The point is that by using cashews, we don't have to let grains grow to feed the animals and we don't have to worry about the emission of greenhouse gases from the animal's waste.
For a plant based diet you need less land and water. So there is less loss of nature and less harm to the environment. It is as easy as that. You don’t have to be a hardcore vegan to contribute. Just make a conscious choice now and then, and we're on our way to a better world. At Montgomery’s our mission is to do that by offering a high quality, delicious alternative that makes it easier to make that choice.
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Responsible consumption

A sustainably Sourced supply chain

As a company you can choose. Do you choose profit over planet, and over people, or not? What price do you pay, what is the impact you can make? Which stage of development is your company in and what choices does it allow you to make? This we take seriously. One of the choices we make is to source our ingredients well. We use sustainable ingredients, often organic, as much as we can. We aim to be transparent about it. And there is so much to find out. Sometimes a more sustainable choice produces a less tasty ice cream. That is a hard one. The easy one is when we find producers, farmers, companies that do ‘the right thing’. And even easier when our customers (and wholesalers) understand that we cannot sell at a low price.

Everything comes at a cost. We buy our organic and fairtrade certified cashew nuts from an African producer, which creates local employment (especially for women) at a fair price. It also seriously decreases transport, for the nuts are processed in Afrika as well, and not in Asia as most (cheaper) cashews are.
Cashews are a very sustainable crop as you can use the whole fruit. The nut (seed) itself is delicious, the rest of the fruit is biomass, the strong acid in the peel is used to make epoxy resin. Cashew trees can grow in places where salinization occurs. 

The chocolate we use is also fairtrade certified, sourced bean to bar and produced CO2 neutral. We are experimenting with chocolate from a local organic chocolate factory we would love to work with. Follow us on insta to get your scoop the moment we change!

Our cups and pints are made from bamboo. Bamboo grows very fast and is a renewable resource. The bamboo paper is lined with a bioplastic. We use as little plastic as we can, only the 2,5 literboxes are made from recycable white plastic. Unfortunately we do not yet have an alternative for the labels we use. Without them, the emptied cup is 100% compostable. We would like to use recyclable labels, but they don’t stick when the package is frozen. And our production as a start-up is not high enough to use fully printed packaging yet. But we're working on that!

Logos & Images


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A good scoop of Montgomery's is like a piece of art!Montgomery's cute cups are available in 2 flavors: chocolate bomb and chocolate & chunks. The ice cream is completely vegan and made with cashews in stead of cream, milk or eggs.
The table is set! Combine Montgomery's gourmet vegan ice cream with other products and flavors to make the ice cream eating experience complete.


"Het heerlijke ijs van Montgomery’s is op basis van noten en is 1 van mijn favorieten."

01-09-2021 | puursuzanne

"Heerlijk en romig schepijs en dat zonder melk en eieren. Dat kan gewoon."
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"hier ga ik 's avonds stiekem voor naar de vriezer"

06-06-2021 | radarplus magazine

"Dit chocolade-ijs is mijn favoriet. Goede pure smaakbeleving."

"dit vegan ijs is hemels!"

28-09-2020 | vertruffelijk

"Bij Montgomery's ice cream mocht ik o.a. het allerlekkerste chocolade ijs ooit proeven."
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"Zo kan je sinds kort bij Shake City terecht voor vegan ijs van Montgomery’s"

01-07-2020 | de buik van amsterdam

"Op basis van cashewmelk smullen wij van dit enorm romige ijs..."
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"Meneer kan niet anders concluderen dat dit het allerbeste plantaardige ijs is dat hij ooit at."

12-03-2020 | meneer wateetons

"Het mondgevoel is top, lekker volvet, de smaak staat stijf van de pure chocolade, de schepbaarheid is uitstekend en de noten in de chunky variant zijn wanstaltig groot."
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"...een enorme sprong voorwaarts qua veganistisch ijs"

11-03-2020 | lauriekoek

"Montgomery’s vegan ice cream chocolate bomb smaakt ook echt naar chocolade en het heeft ook de goede romigheid."
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