Vegan Ice Cream?

We often get asked "How do you make your ice cream?" or "Is it as good as 'normal' ice cream?" Below are the answers to these and other questions people have about our vegan ice cream.

What is the difference between vegan ice cream and ‘normal’ ice cream?

The base for ‘normal’ ice cream is eggs, cream, and milk. There are none of these items on a vegan menu, so vegan ice is made of plant-based ingredients. In sorbet ice cream the base is sugar and water, so that is vegan most of the time. Sometimes however there is gelatine in it, or somewhere else in the process animal products are used, for example to clear the liquid. 

How do you make your vegan ice cream?

We had that question too! And it took us a while to find out. Eggs and cream in non-vegan ice cream are easily replaced by coco and soy, but we wanted the ice cream to taste only like ice cream. Eggs and cream appeared not only to be important for the creamy texture, but do play a leading role in stability. We wanted it to be just as scrumptious when you open the package after it has been in the store for a while, as when it rolled out of the ice cream machine. It took us some time to figure out how to solve this issue and we are not going to tell all our secrets. But the most important thing is that we use cashews as a base, which contains a lot of proteins.

Does it contain allergens?

Yes, it does.

In Chocolate Bomb, there are cashews. In Chocolate & Chunks there are cashews, pecan nuts, walnuts, almonds, and a tiny bit of soy lecitin in the chocolate covered almonds.

What do you mean with less air, more taste?

Where there is air, there can’t be taste. Lots of ice cream brands put air in their ice cream. A bit of air makes it fluffier and that is a good thing. But some brands put in 100% of air. That way only half of your pint is actually ice cream, the rest is air. We don’t do that. We like it to be rich. And what you see is what you get. Do the test when you are in the store and pick up a pint to feel if it is light or heavy.

What do you mean with non-vegan proof?

Nobody tastes that Montgomery’s ice cream is vegan. So many chefs we visited over the past months couldn’t tell. So, even non-vegans really like it. Or as we like to put it: it is non-vegan proof. This way you can give a dinner party where everybody enjoys the dessert, vegan or non-vegan. You keep everyone in the loop. Very inclusive indeed. Above that it saves you time that you can spend on your friends instead of making special dishes for people with dietary needs.

Is vegan ice cream better than normal ice cream?

What is best is for you to decide, but we prefer ice cream with only plant-based ingredients. As for Montgomery’s ice cream, the good thing is that you don’t have to compromise in taste. Lots of people think it is better than most ‘normal’ ice creams.

Is vegan ice cream healthy?

If you are very keen on eating healthy, you might want to skip ice cream from your daily menu. But we like to eat ice cream now and then. The only stuff we put in it, is that what we want to eat ourselves. So no chemicals, and no artificial things.

Also: our packages are smaller than average. This way we encourage you to eat less.

What makes your ice cream special?

We made vegan ice cream that only tastes like ice cream, and has no funny aftertaste. So no taste of soy, coco or cardboard. It also has a very creamy structure, so no watery ice cream here. It is developed for ourselves and our friends for the first time and it is packed with good ingredients, like super good chocolate and organic nuts. We make it in a very crafty way, on batch machines. You might taste that too. And the package is 100% compostable, made from bamboo.

What happened to Taco? I read about him in the story, but I can’t find his picture.

Taco is still inventing ice cream for us, but is no longer a daily team member. He is giving us his best by advising us when we need him and we are very grateful for the things he meant for the big change in the ice cream world. We are still enjoying ice cream together ;-)

Is vegan ice cream better for the environment?

Yes, it is. We use only plant-based products, so no eggs and milk. Because we use the ingredients directly it is more sustainable. For example: we use cashews as a base. With ‘normal’ ice cream you would feed grain to chicken or cows, and use their eggs and milk as a base for the ice cream. For the environment that is much more harmful than using the first ingredient as a base.

is there a minimum order amount?

Yes, for Horeca and stores there is a minimum order amount of €50,00. We do our best to deliver the ice cream within 2-3 days. If we are in your neighborhood it happens we can bring it the next day.

You help the planet if you order before you run out of ice cream completely. It also helps if you think ahead and order in bigger quantities of course ;-) That way we can plan our delivery well and make efficient rides.

For consumers: if you want your ice cream to be delivered in the area Amsterdam-Haarlem-Leiden, you can order per box. A box of pints consists of 6 pints per flavor. A box of cups contains 12 cups per flavor. We get in touch with you to see what is the best moment to deliver.

Do you really deliver electric?

Yes, we do.